Kevin Falcon opposed Eby’s move to lower ICBC rates

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The freeze in ICBC basic rates announced today by Premier David Eby was a result of changes he introduced in 2020 that were opposed by Kevin Falcon and the BC Liberals.

During his bid for the BC Liberal Leadership, Falcon criticized Eby’s enhanced care model and referred to ICBC rate reductions and rebates as “stupid little cheques.”

Falcon’s BC Liberal colleagues opposed legislative changes to ICBC in 2020 that have made BC car insurance among the most affordable in the country.

As Finance Minister in 2012, Falcon hiked insurance rates by 11% while taking half billion dollars out of ICBC.

BC NDP MLA Aman Singh:

“In government, Kevin Falcon hiked rates while taking money from ICBC to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest. In opposition, he opposed David Eby’s changes to reduce car insurance rates by 20%. His record shows that he would make life harder and more expensive for people, just like before.”