Falcon stands against Eby’s action to increase housing supply

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On Monday, Premier David Eby announced his action plan to build more homes for people faster, including removing cumbersome zoning requirements for small developments of 3-4 units in BC communities.

This change will build more middle-income housing options that are within reach for people, including townhomes, duplexes and triplexes. The plan has been praised by experts and local government leaders for reducing red tape, which will get more housing built faster and make it easier for young people to afford homes in their community of choice.

Yesterday, BCUP Leader Kevin Falcon came out against that plan, arguing to keep those zoning restrictions that block housing construction in place: “What on earth have we got local government for, if all of the key decisions are going to be made by this NDP government, right here in Victoria?” (Hansard)

BC NDP MLA Megan Dykeman:

“It’s disappointing to see Kevin Falcon doubling down on the BC Liberal inaction that drove up housing prices in the first place. He likes to talk about building more housing, but now he’s standing against the real action we are taking to reduce red tape and build more homes for people. It’s clear that Kevin Falcon would make housing even more expensive.”

What people are saying about Eby’s plan:

“I was really excited about it. I think on balance, it’s a really good step in the right direction… What I’m most excited about in this plan is the opportunity for zoning reform for municipalities, ensuring that on a single-family lot, you can build a duplex, a triplex or a fourplex.” – Dylan Kruger, Delta Councillor

“I think it’s got enormous potential… will help those people that need something bigger than a condo but can’t afford a single-family home.” – Casey Edge, Executive Director of the Victoria Residential Builders Association

“I would say this makes a dent in the supply side of the equation. And the evidence for that is New Zealand. And that has had some impact on house prices [there] as well.” – Philip MacKeller, Homes for Living

“Great announcement to meet the housing need in BC. Looking forward to all the changes proposed and how this will be implemented. We need housing diversity in ALL communities, even mine. Time for action! Exciting news to move forward with livable communities.” – Kris Nichols, President of the Oak Bay Community Association.

“Homes for People recognizes the challenge to deliver the hundreds of thousands of homes this province needs. We are pleased to see the B.C. government move forward with bold actions the homebuilding industry has recommended and if implemented effectively, we could see more attainable housing choices, faster.” – Neil Moody, CEO, Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia

“Today’s announcement I think really represents the kinds of changes that are going to be necessary. I view this as very positive and look forward to continuing to work with the province to address housing affordability and supply for our community and across the province.” – Dean Murdock, Mayor of Saanich

“It’s about time! When it comes to the reforms required to address the housing crisis, cities simply haven’t delivered, and the province has no choice but to step in.” – Mark Marissen

“The Province is committed to funding the housing we need and giving local government the tools to get it approved and built.” – Patrick Johnstone, Mayor of New Westminster

“This action plan represents a meaningful step that will provide relief for the systemic issues that British Columbians have been up against over the last decade.” – Luke Mari, principal, Aryze Developments

“Rolling out gentle, inclusionary zoning policies will provide more housing options while maintaining neighbourhood character, in line with the Province’s Homes for People plan.” – Nathan Pachal, Mayor of Langley