Grants will support local organizations in delivering vital programs for people on the North Island says MLA Babchuk

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SOINTULA – Local organizations will continue to deliver programs that improve people’s quality of life thanks to nearly $61 million in Community Gaming Grants for human and social services, says New Democrat MLA Michele Babchuk.

“Community organizations like these do the important work of helping keep people safe, healthy, and happy,” said Michele Babchuk, MLA for North Island. “In the North Island, people can be supported when they reach out for a hand.”

Twenty-two organizations in the region are receiving $807,825 in funding for human and social services, such as meeting the needs of under-served groups, providing public outreach and education, and more, including:

  • North Island Early Child Development Society – $ 31,200
  • John Howard Society of North Island – $ 60,000
  • The North Island Survivors’ Healing Society – $ 100,000
  • Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association Of North Vancouver Island – $ 41,900

The $61 million in funding this year for human and social services grants comes out of the $140 million distributed annually to not-for-profit organizations that deliver other essential services and make life better for people in British Columbia.

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