“Hoping that the Premier will support this”: BC Liberals in their own words on support for high-speed rail

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VICTORIA – The BC Liberals have historically supported high-speed rail connecting Washington state and B.C. despite spinning 180 degrees and now criticizing the initiative.

  • While in government, BC Liberal Premiers Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark both made agreements with Washington Governors to promote joint transportation efforts and connectivity, including the “development of high-speed rail.” (Release, 2010-02-12MOU, 2016-09-20)
  • When asked about the merit of a high-speed corridor in 2017, then-Minister for Transportation Todd Stone told media “the number of people that move back and forth in this corridor particularly in the tech sector, but other sectors as well, is enormous and growing rapidly. Anything we can do to better facilitate that movement of people is something we will take a serious look at.” (CHAN, 2017-02-15)
  • The BC Liberals committed in their 2017 Throne Speech to “work with Washington state to connect communities across the border to unleash the economic potential of high-speed rail to Seattle.” Every sitting BC Liberal MLA, including current leader Andrew Wilkinson, voted in favour. (HANSARD, 2017-06-22)
  • Since then, BC Liberal MLAs have continued to show excitement over the project. MLA Tracy Redies touted the project as a “potential solution to HWY 99!” later adding, “Hoping that the Premier will support this.” (Twitter, 2017-11-22Twitter 2017-12-16)