Horgan will work for families and communities, not big banks

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VICTORIA— After 16 years of watching the B.C. Liberals work for banks and other rich donors, people are ready for a new government that will focus on the things that matter to people, says B.C. New Democrat Leader John Horgan.

“For the past two days we’ve been telling the stories of people Christy Clark has let down and left behind,” said Horgan.

“Whether it is Danita Adams, a renter who is facing renoviction, or John Eddie Mohoney, a senior citizen who suffered severe, scarring sunburns because his care home is understaffed, or the Nelson family, whose Cranbrook saw mill is facing a massive border tax, New Democrats are speaking up for the people who have been failed by Christy Clark’s choices.”

Horgan noted that instead of working to help everyday British Columbians the B.C. Liberals chose to hand out millions of dollars in tax credits to the four largest banks in Canada.

“Instead of getting to work replacing a school in Prince Rupert which is sinking, filled with asbestos and subject to flooding, Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals chose to give TD bank a $2.8 million gift,” said Horgan.

“The B.C. Liberals gave big banks $12 million in breaks last year, while increasing hydro rates and ICBC premiums on everyone else.

“No wonder British Columbians are ready for a new government, after 16 years of the B.C. Liberals helping their rich donors and big corporations instead of ordinary people.

“It’s time for Christy Clark to end the delays and the distractions and let a new government get to work on the issues that matter to people.”