Janet Routledge asks Christy Clark why she has failed B.C. kids and education

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VICTORIA – The New Democrat MLA for Burnaby North, Janet Routledge, used her first question in Question Period Tuesday to ask Christy Clark to stop playing political games, so a New Democrat government can fix the education problems she created, and make things better for our kids.


A generation of kids in Burnaby and across British Columbia have been robbed of the education and supports they deserved when Christy Clark threw our system into chaos 16 years ago, and began her personal war on education,” said Routledge.


Routledge told the story of a little boy named Landon who is very active, has lots of energy, but doesn’t know what to do with it. As a result, he’s struggling in school.


“His parents want to get him the help that he needs, but there’s been no assessment, no support, and he’s not getting the education he deserves,” said Routledge


Routledge asked the premier to stop the political games, delays and distraction and call a confidence motion in the legislature so the new John Horgan government can give kids like Landon the support they deserve.


Christy Clark didn’t answer.