July job loss more bad news for BC families

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VICTORIA – B.C.’s loss of 11,800 private sector jobs in July is more evidence that the Liberal government’s jobs plan has been a failure, say New Democrats.

“The Liberals campaigned on a successful jobs plan and spent millions advertising it to British Columbians, when in fact B.C. has now lost a total of 19,400 private sector jobs since the plan began,” said New Democrat finance critic Mike Farnworth. “These numbers are bad news for the Liberals’ economic promises, and bad news for B.C. families.”

B.C.’s unemployment rate rose to 6.7% (up from 6.3%) last month, still the worst among western provinces, and job losses were mainly in wholesale and retail trade, suggesting a decline in consumer confidence, added Farnworth.

With private sector jobs disappearing, critical services being cut, and hydro rates expected to rise, the Liberal government is doing little to alleviate the squeeze they have put on B.C. families, said Farnworth.

“The Liberal government’s fact-free campaign promised to eliminate debt, when we now know the debt rose faster last year than ever before, by $5.6 billion,” said Farnworth. “It also promised to retain critical services, yet within months, the government brought in an uncaring wheelchair tax and started cutting mental health programs – even while they were handing out self-congratulatory pay increases to their political friends.”

New Democrats will continue to fight to protect services that British Columbians depend on, and hold the Liberal government to account for its dubious election promises.