Kevin Falcon opposes helping British Columbians facing global inflation

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Kevin Falcon opposes investments that BC NDP Premier David Eby has made to help British Columbians facing global inflation and other challenges coming out of the pandemic.

Speaking on Global News this morning, Falcon said he would use the province’s $5-billion surplus to pay down the debt instead of addressing the issues that people are facing coming out of the pandemic.

“Instead of using some of that to responsibly pay down debt or deal with other things, what did the NDP do with the surplus they had last year, a one-time surplus? They are trying to spend all of it,” Falcon said.

Some of the investments Falcon opposes include:

This focus reflects Falcon’s approach as Finance Minister, when he cut services and made average people pay more while maintaining tax breaks for those at the top.

BC NDP MLA Bob D’Eith:

“Unlike Kevin Falcon, who is still focused on helping the wealthiest and making everyone else pay for it, David Eby is taking real action to help British Columbia families. He’s looking out for everyone, not just the people at the top.”