Kevin Falcon votes against Eby’s action to increase housing supply

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This evening, Kevin Falcon and the B.C. Liberals voted against two of Premier David Eby’s measures to increase housing supply and help people afford a home.

The Housing Supply Act is designed to kickstart new housing construction by giving the provincial government the ability to set municipal housing development targets. It gives the Minister of Housing the authority to ensure compliance to make sure housing gets built, should municipalities with the highest need struggle to deliver enough housing.

The Building Strata Statutes Amendment Act would prevent stratas from banning rentals in their buildings and end unfair age restrictions. In areas where government has data through the Speculation and Vacancy Tax, there are approximately 2,900 empty condos that cannot be rented out because strata rules prevent them from renting out their condo – and we expect there are more in other areas of the province.

Tonight, Falcon and the B.C. Liberals voted against both pieces of legislation.

Falcon is also opposed to the Speculation and Vacancy Tax, which has delivered 20,000 rental housing units to the market in Metro Vancouver.

Housing Minister Murray Rankin:

“It’s disappointing to see Kevin Falcon standing in the way of David Eby’s action to increase housing supply. Kevin Falcon is more concerned with protecting people who are profiting from the housing crisis than with helping British Columbians afford a home.”