Kevin Falcon welcomed federal cuts to healthcare funding

VICTORIA – In 2011, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government announced plans to reduce annual increases to the Canada Health Transfer, finance ministers from nearly every province opposed the cut.

Falcon was the cut’s only supporter: “From B.C.’s perspective, we think certainty is good thing.”

This cut has cost British Columbia billions in healthcare funding. Premier John Horgan has been leading the fight to ensure the federal government makes its share of healthcare investments.

Falcon recently diminished the federal role in healthcare funding: “frankly they only fund about 10% of the health care budget. They’re a minor player in this whole thing.” (CHNL, May 2nd)

In fact, the federal government funds 22% of healthcare costs. The provinces are pushing the federal government to increase that to 35%.

Falcon has a track record of cuts to healthcare, including:

Here’s how provincial Finance Ministers reacted to the federal funding cut:

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan: “a frontal attack on public health care.” (Globe and Mail)

Quebec Finance Minister Raymond Bachand: “totally unacceptable.” (CBC)

Manitoba Finance Minister Stan Struthers: “It’s a lump of coal.” (Globe and Mail)

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall: “Frustrating.” (CBC)

PEI Finance Minister Wes Sheridan: “I couldn’t quite believe what we were seeing.” (Globe and Mail)

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter: “profoundly disappointing.” (CBC)

BC Finance Minister Kevin Falcon: “I appreciate that certainty. Obviously some of my colleagues feel differently.” (Globe and Mail)