Kevin Falcon’s new logo takes a toll on people in Surrey, says Brar

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BCUP Leader Kevin Falcon recently unveiled his party’s new logo, which features an image of a bridge that is almost identical to the logo on the TReO decals that people in Surrey put on their cars to pay for Kevin Falcon’s unfair bridge tolls.

A Twitter user pointed out the similarity and noted the BC United logo “features a nod to the past they are trying to hide. They will always be the party of tolls and it shows in their new logo.”

“For years, people south of the Fraser had to put these stickers on their car to pay Kevin Falcon’s unfair tolls,” said BC NDP MLA Jagrup Brar. “Now, Kevin Falcon’s logo will always remind people of the way he treated our community.”

Since becoming BC Liberal Leader, Kevin Falcon has consistently said implementing tolls was “the right thing to do.” He has never expressed regret or apologized to the people who were forced to pay thousands of dollars in tolls every year just because of where they live.

In addition to hitting people in Surrey with unfair tolls, Falcon:

  1. Broke his promise to build a second Surrey hospital and then sold the land to a BC Liberal donor;
  2. Rejected a proposal to build a second medical school in Surrey; and
  3. Broke his promise to build a Skytrain extension to Langley.

“Kevin Falcon can change his party’s name, but the people of Surrey will remember his record of making life harder and more expensive for us,” said Brar. “He’s not looking out for everyday people in our community.”

Falcon has refused to disclose the full cost of his party rebrand but indicated it was ‘six figures’.