Below is a letter New Democrat leader Adrian Dix and MLA Gary Coons sent to the Premier earlier today, requesting that she review BC Ferries’ arrangement to provide CEO David Hahn a second pension of over $200,000. Mr Hahn is receiving this secondary pension because of his decision to remain at a $1 million per year position.

During the B.C. Liberal leadership campaign, Ms Clark referred to the high level of compensation BC Ferries’ executives received when advising the corporation to seek internal savings before raising ferry fares.
Dear Premier Clark,
The New Democrat Official Opposition requests your office to order an immediate review of the supplemental retired benefit pension BC Ferries has arranged for CEO David Hahn.
Based on BC Ferries’ explanation, in 2013 Mr Hahn will start receiving an additional $237,100/year because of his decision to not leave a $1 million/year position. Further, under this arrangement, he will receive a total pension of $315,000/year for only 10 years of service.
British Columbians already question Mr. Hahn receiving bonus pay in the range of 110 per cent when the ferry service is not meeting its primary purpose – to be a marine highway that seamlessly connects coastal communities to the rest of the province. As they learn the news of Mr. Hahn’s extra pension, ferry users face rising fares paired with declining service.
During the BC Liberal leadership campaign, you remarked that it was inappropriate for Mr. Hahn to consider hiking ferry fares while he and other executives at BC Ferries enjoyed exorbitant compensation packages funded by public dollars. On that note, I anticipate you will follow through on our request.
Yours sincerely,
Adrian Dix, Leader
New Democrat Official Opposition

Gary Coons, MLA for North Coast and
Critic for BC Ferries and Coastal Communities