Liberal transportation plan is no plan at all

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North Coast FerryVICTORIA – The B.C. Liberals’ so-called 10-year transportation plan is little more than a collection of nice pictures, vague comments and fact boxes, say the New Democrats.

“Only a Christy Clark government would call this a plan,” said Claire Trevena, New Democrat spokesperson for transportation. “It’s insulting to the people of B.C.”

Trevena said it fails to address how the B.C. Liberals will correct years of mismanagement in many important parts of our transportation infrastructure, including with BC Ferries, the Port Mann bridge and urgent upgrades to Highway 1.  There is little new in it and despite being called a 10-year plan, has timelines for only for some projects and only for three years.

“How can anyone take these documents seriously when the Liberals didn’t bother to keep the promises they made in their last 10-year plan?” Trevena asked. “The new plan doesn’t even address the outstanding commitments from the last one.

“It’s been more than a decade since the Liberals starting making empty promises about Highway 1, to take just one example. This document offers no comfort, and offers no clear solutions in the near future.”