Local MLA Bob D’Eith welcomes funds for Haney Farmers Market, and eagerly awaits opening weekend

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MAPLE RIDGE – New Democrat MLA Bob D’Eith is welcoming funding to support the Haney Farmers Market in Maple Ridge.

“This funding makes a difference for people in Maple Ridge who struggle to afford fresh food,” said MLA D’Eith. “The additional funding from our government will not only help more people afford healthy food, but also help support our local farmers and economy. Both reasons are why I’m happy to support the program as a sponsor.”

The province has invested $121,000 across 76 communities to expand the BC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program, and help more low-income families access fresh, B.C.-grown food. The Haney Farmers Market is one of the community partners participating in the coupon program.

D’Eith started sponsoring additional coupons at the Haney Farmers Market last year, and will continue to do so this year.

This Saturday, May 11, 2019, is the Market’s opening weekend. MLA D’Eith will be at the event, and will be saying a few words. All are welcome to join him at the event and celebrate the start of the 2019 season.

The increased funding is on top of the three-quarters of a million dollar boost the program received in 2018, which allowed the program to increase the amount each family received by nearly $100.

This year’s boost of $121,000 is to expand the program to another 250 households representing approximately 700 individuals around the province. This is in addition to the $1.475 million the program has already received from the province for its 2019 coupon program. Last year, the weekly coupon program benefited more than 3,900 households, representing approximately 11,000 individuals.

MLA D’Eith said this year’s boost is proof that the New Democrat government is delivering results for local producers and families by investing in local products.

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2019HLTH0069-000873