Local MLA Carole James welcomes child care pilot project in Victoria

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VICTORIA – New Democrat MLA Carole James is welcoming a new child care initiative that will see child care fees eliminated or capped at $200 per month for 99 families in Victoria. The initiative is part of a B.C. government pilot project that will deliver $10-a-day (or less) child care to parents at 53 locations around the province, and is the next step towards a universal, affordable child care system.

Child care providers participating in the pilot project will receive government funding to cover costs, and in return, fees will be eliminated or capped at a maximum of $200 per month.

“I’ve talked to countless parents in Victoria who are struggling to afford child care. Delivering low-cost, high-quality child care has always been a priority for me as an MLA,” said Carole James. “I am so pleased to welcome this new $10 a day child care pilot project to Victoria, it will provide much needed financial relief for families in our community.”

Fernwood Neighbourhood Childcare is one of 53 organizations across the province that will be participating in the pilot project to deliver universal, affordable child care. This funding is a part of the B.C. government’s $60 million Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) agreement with the Government of Canada.


For more information: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2018CFD0092-002172