MLA Doug Routley welcomes new affordable homes for seniors in Nanaimo

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NANAIMO – At an event that he emceed Monday morning, MLA Doug Routley welcomed an announcement that construction will soon begin on more than 150 new affordable rental homes for seniors in Nanaimo.

“I’ve met 75 year olds in our community who live out of their car, because for years there have been no affordable options for housing,” said MLA Routley. “There is a big impact on a person’s life when they don’t have a stable place to live, and an even bigger impact when they finally do. These new units will provide that security and allow more seniors in Nanaimo to stay in their community, close to friends and family.”

The project, located at 10 Buttertubs Dr. in Nanaimo, will include 159 new units, as well as communal spaces indoors and outdoors to socialize. Tenants will also be able to buy affordable meals on the grounds, and receive light housekeeping services.

Construction will start later this summer, and is expected to be complete by September 2020.

“Seniors deserve safe, affordable housing that they can rely on for years to come,” said MLA Routley. “I’m proud that our province, the city, and the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society have come together to better support seniors in Nanaimo.”

This project is part of a larger investment in the care and well-being of seniors in BC. Seniors in Nanaimo who qualify for the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) program will also see their rent supplements increase by an average of $930 a year.

See the provincial news release here: