MLA Josie Osborne says funding will help grow local music industry in Mid-Island, Tofino, and Ucluelet

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UCLUELET – MLA Josie Osborne says that funding announced today will help B.C.-based musicians to develop their careers and grow the local music industry.


“Our region is home to incredible artists and to so many people who love music and the arts,” said Josie Osborne, MLA for Mid Island-Pacific Rim. “This funding will really help to support musicians in their work, and give fans more exciting local events and live performances to look forward to.”


Over $3.3 million is being distributed to hundreds of artists and companies for career development, live music events, business development, industry initiatives, and attracting out-of-province talent to record in B.C.


In the region, recipients include:


Career development stream:

  • Ms.PAN!K, $8,000 (Tofino)


Music industry initiatives stream:

  • Clayoquot Music Callout, $15,000 (Ucluelet)


Live music stream:

  • Concerts Denman, $10,000
  • The Tofino Jazz Festival 2024, $13,000
  • Cumberland Village Works Annual Concert Series & Cumberland Wild, $30,000
  • Five Acre Shaker 2024, $20,000 (Port Alberni)
  • Qualicum Moveable Feast, $20,000
  • Toquaht Moveable Feast, $20,000 (Ucluelet)


More than 200 musicians and music companies will benefit from this funding, which is part of the New Democrat government’s $7.5 million investment in 2023 to develop and support musician’s careers and promote the music industry here in B.C. This is one of the many ways the government is supporting creative industries and creative professionals in the province.


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