MLA Paton criticizes his own BC Liberal rules that are putting Chilliwack business at risk of closure

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VICTORIA – When BC Liberal MLA Ian Paton complained on social media about an investigation by the Agriculture Land Commission into a Chilliwack business, he missed the fact that the BC Liberals brought in the changes that prompted the probe.

The owners of Petey’s Pumpkin Patch say this may be their last year in business because they may not be permitted to use their greenhouses for a non-farm event, making it clear that the changes that may not allow the practice were brought in by the former government in 2016.

The new BC NDP government is currently reviewing those rules, and wants to ensure that legislation governing the ALC strikes a balance between protecting agricultural land and ensuring there is sufficient flexibility for farm-based businesses to operate.

That is why we are holding public engagement campaigns to hear from British Columbians on how best to achieve that balance – most recently in Delta, the constituency Paton represents in the B.C. Legislature.

“If Mr. Paton is angry at someone about the issues facing this business, he should look no further than his BC Liberal colleagues are responsible for creating the problems that he is describing. ” – Ravi Kahlon, MLA for Delta North.