MLA Singh calls for Speaker to ensure rights of MLAs to wear religious headwear are formally adopted

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VICTORIA – The MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers has written a letter to Speaker Darryl Plecas asking him to update the dress code in the House to recognize the rights of Members of the Legislative Assembly to wear religious head coverings.

Rachna Singh, who also serves as deputy government caucus chair, is concerned that the rules surrounding dress in the legislature could be used to stop members from wearing headwear when they are sitting in the House.

Standing Order 36 currently states that: “Every member desiring to speak is to rise in his or her place, uncovered, and address the speaker.”

“Leaving issues of personal identity to interpretation makes those protections, by definition, precarious. Adopting changes to this rule will ensure the Legislature remains a welcoming space for all British Columbians.” – Rachna Singh, MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers.

Link: Letter to Speaker