MLAs Dykeman and Mercier say Langley is more prepared thanks to flood mitigation project

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LANGLEY – New Democrat MLAs Megan Dykeman and Andrew Mercier say that people in Langley will be safer during future flooding events thanks to the completion of a project to prepare for flood mitigation plans along the Nicomekl River.

“Reducing the risk of floods is top of mind all across the province, especially after the extreme weather that hit the Fraser Valley in 2021. The City of Langley is undertaking important work to look ahead, and the province and federal government are pleased to support them.” said Megan Dykeman, MLA for Langley- East

The City of Langley received $120,000 in funding for their Nicomekl River flood mapping project. The project mapped Langley City’s floodplain for the Nicomekl River updating the city’s hydraulic model and completing a comprehensive survey of the watercourse tributaries and cross sections. 

“The Nicomekl River runs right through the City of Langley, and it’s incredibly important for people that live along the river to know that their safety and their homes are a priority. Having a better understanding of this floodplain will help make sure that flood prevention infrastructure is as sturdy and efficient as possible,” said Andrew Mercier, MLA for Langley

Across the province, a total of 24 flood mitigation projects have been recently completed to make people and communities safer. The projects were supported by more than $10.8 million in funding, cost-shared by the provincial and federal governments.

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