Name change can’t hide Kevin Falcon’s record of putting the top 1% ahead of everyone else, says BC NDP’s Mercier

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As the BC Liberals consider a name change at their convention, BC NDP MLA Andrew Mercier says that a rebrand can’t hide Kevin Falcon’s track record of making life harder for people.

“Kevin Falcon can’t hide his record behind a fresh coat of paint,” said Mercier. “In government, he gave huge tax breaks to the richest 1% of people, then he hiked costs like ICBC and MSP and made deep cuts to schools and hospitals.”

Since re-entering politics, Falcon has doubled down on this approach by siding with real estate speculators and criticizing the BC NDP’s ICBC changes that have lowered people’s insurance rates by an average of $500.

“By defending real estate speculators in the middle of a housing crisis and opposing our work to lower car insurance rates, Kevin Falcon is continuing to show that he’s not working for people struggling with high costs,” said Mercier. “British Columbians know that changing the party’s name doesn’t change that Kevin Falcon isn’t working for people.”