NDP MLA Alexis says funding will support events like The Abbotsford Air Show in Abbotsford

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ABBOTSFORD– New Democrat MLA Pam Alexis is announcing recipients of provincial funding to help make sure local fairs, festivals and other events continue throughout 2023 and 2024.

“The Abbotsford Airshow is always a highlight of the year around here! More funding for Fairs, Festivals, and Events means even more reasons for people to visit Abbotsford, and more opportunities for the community to get together,” said Pam Alexis, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission.

In Abbotsford, 16 events are receiving nearly $500,000 including $202,500 for the Abbotsford International Air Show

This investment into local events is part of the $30 million in one-time grants the province pledged for Fairs, Festivals, and Events to continue the recovery of a vibrant and strong tourism industry and support our innovative arts industry in B.C.

This builds upon the success of the BC Fairs, Festivals and Events Program funding in 2021, which provided one-time grants for events to safely return after facing the covid-19 pandemic. These grants for 2023 will support a range of events in locations all over B.C., and associated event costs.

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/28246