NDP MLA Grace Lore introduces pineapple ban to keep pizza safe in our community

VICTORIA – For far too long, people have been allowed to pineapple their pizza with impunity. NDP MLA Grace Lore is working to put an end to this travesty with new private members legislation which would ban anyone from placing a pineapple on a pizza in B.C. MLA Lore is proposing strict penalties for anyone who violates the ban.

“Ewwww, it’s just so gross” said Grace Lore, MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill. “This ban will help keep pizza safe and delicious in our community by stopping anyone from placing pineapple on it.”

The proposed penalties for violation of the pineapple on pizza ban include requirements that anyone who places pineapple on pizza will have to eat it. The proposed legislation will also contain measures to prevent people from skirting the rules by placing pineapple in, or under pizza.

Lore says that she has heard from countless constituents who cannot fathom why someone would place pineapple on pizza, and is proud to be introducing this legislation early next week.

This is an important part of B.C. history – this legislation will help bring more awareness to this subject and in the long run, it will make an important difference in many people’s lives.

Lore’s legislation would take effect April 1, 2023 if passed unanimously in the legislature.