NDP MLA Jennifer Rice says high-speed internet on its way to people in Hartley Bay

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HARTLEY BAY – New Democrat MLA Jennifer Rice says people living in Hartley Bay will be able to unlock new possibilities with high-speed internet access reaching 85 homes.

“Internet service in rural and coastal communities isn’t just a convenience; it’s a virtual lifeline. It connects our communities to each other, but also to vital health services, economic opportunities, education, and more,” says Jennifer Rice, MLA for the North Coast. “In these areas, reliable internet service isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity, bridging the gap between individuals and the support they need to thrive.”

The project, which is supported by $104,428 in provincial funding and $923,736 in federal funding, will be built and operated by CityWest and will provide faster broadband speeds for people living in the community and provide improved access to digital services, educational resources, and economic opportunities.

The federal and provincial funding commitments made today are part of an existing agreement between the governments of Canada and British Columbia. In March 2022, both governments announced a historic partnership to invest up to $830 million to connect households in all remaining rural, remote and Indigenous communities throughout the province to high-speed Internet.

Since 2017, the BC New Democrat government has invested $584 million in connectivity projects in the province.


Learn More: https://www.canada.ca/en/innovation-science-economic-development/news/2024/03/governments-of-canada-and-british-columbia-working-together-to-bring-high-speed-internet-to-more-than-7500-households.html