NDP MLA Mark says new innovative projects in Vancouver will help tackle plastic waste and create local jobs

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VANCOUVER – New Democrat MLA Melanie Mark says new funding for two projects in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant will help tackle plastic waste, support innovative technologies, and create local jobs.

“It is vitally important that we take measures to protect our environment and health,” said Melanie Mark, MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant. “Instead of going to a landfill, our government is investing in innovative practices to recycle plastic into new products and ultimately reduce waste. This funding supports much needed technologies and sustainable jobs right here in Vancouver creating healthier communities for generations to come.”

The projects are two of nine being funded as part of the CleanBC Plastics Action Fund. The recipients in Vancouver include:

  • Metaspectral ($307,533):

Funding to be used to develop computer vision, artificial intelligence and robotics to sort consumer waste, increase efficiency in processing materials and improve the quality of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

  • Recycling Alternative ($563,470):

Recycling Alternatives has a highly localized urban solution for processing PCR plastic in Vancouver and reducing GHG emissions associated with transporting waste. This funding will increase their capacity to both sort and process plastic while enabling the creation of more high-quality PCR plastic to be used in local manufacturing. Recycling Alternative has strong hiring for diversity and is a partner in the Indigenous Recycling Employment Entry Program.

Recognizing the rapid growth of plastics in manufacturing and the need to address plastic waste, the New Democrat government is providing $5 million in funding to encourage innovative technologies, support the circular economy for plastics, increase local processing capacity for recycled plastics, turn used plastics into new products, and create good, clean jobs. The funded projects will replace or recycle over 20,000 tonnes of plastic per year. Projects were chosen based on their ability to increase processing capacity, increase the use of PCR plastic in manufacturing, or support PCR plastic product research, design and testing.

This funding is an important part of the CleanBC Plastics Action Plan and a key piece to the New Democrat’s strategy to tackle climate change. Putting B.C. on the path to a brighter, low-carbon future while creating new jobs and economic opportunities for people.

The initiative is also part of B.C.’s $10 billion COVID response, which includes the StrongerBC for Everyone recovery plan — a plan that protects people’s health and livelihoods while supporting businesses and communities.

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For more information: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2021ENV0037-000955

Learn more about the CleanBC Plastics Action Plan: https://cleanbc.gov.bc.ca/plastics