NDP MLA Nathan Cullen welcomes partnership with conservation organizations, industry and province to protect Tahltan land

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STIKINE – Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen welcomes new conservancy to protect the environment and wildlife on Tahltan territory in an area of northwestern B.C. historically known as the Ice Mountain Lands, adjacent to Mount Edziza Provincial Park.

“The Tahltan Nation has told us this decision will help them preserve their history, the natural environment, and the importance of this area,” said Nathan Cullen, MLA for Stikine. “This partnership is a way to help make sure that these lands will be protected for time immemorial.”

The Tahltan Central Government, the Province, Skeena Resources Limited, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and BC Parks Foundation have worked in partnership to create the conservancy.

The conservancy is the first step in the multi-year Tahltan Stewardship Initiative (TSI). The goal of the TSI is to bring greater self-determination to the Tahltan Nation and support stewardship on Tahltan Territory. The Tahltan Central Government plans to rename the area within the conservancy at a future date, to better reflect Tahltan heritage.

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