NDP MLA Niki Sharma celebrates collaboration with new Youth Climate Corps Chapter in Vancouver

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VANCOUVER – NDP MLA Niki Sharma and the Vancouver-Hastings Climate Action Team are welcoming the opportunity to collaborate with the newest chapter of the Youth Climate Corps coming to Vancouver. The two teams will work together on climate justice projects to help make Vancouver a sustainable place to live for future generations.

“People are eager to come together to address the impact climate change is having on our community and it is crucial that we listen to the voices of youth,” said Niki Sharma, MLA for Vancouver-Hastings. “Climate change will be one of the greatest challenges for future generations and I’m excited that our local climate action team will be able to work with this new chapter of the Youth Climate Corps to have a real impact that benefits our community.”

Youth Climate Corps is a non-profit that creates opportunities for youth to engage in meaningful and paid climate action jobs and training and is now expanding across BC developing new programs. The MLA Sharma’s Vancouver-Hastings Climate Action Team engages with constituents, stakeholders, and relevant decision-makers to ensure the community is better prepared to face the impacts of climate change.

Both groups undertake climate action projects to create a fair, just and livable future for everyone and are part of a growing climate justice community in Vancouver.

For more information about the Vancouver-Climate Action Team, visit: https://nikisharma.mla.bcndpcaucus.ca/