NDP MLA Osborne says project in Tofino will promote mass timber

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TOFINO – New Democrat MLA Josie Osborne says a new project in Tofino will use mass timber products, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help grow the province’s clean economy.

“By supporting the new Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Centre to be built with the mass timber and other clean, environmentally friendly technologies, the new Biosphere Centre will truly be an expression of the region’s values and deep commitment to living sustainably,” said Josie Osborne, MLA for Mid-Island – Pacific Rim

The Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Centre, part of the Mass Timber Demonstration Program will receive $300,000 to help build this three-story building in Tofino combining list-frame wood, mass timber, CLT, and a geothermally sourced heating and cooling system inspired by traditional First Nation architecture. This gathering place will be a space for sharing, experimentation, learning, and innovation for the region.

This project is one of 12 new mass timber demonstration and research projects that the BC New Democrat government is funding, which will help further expand the use of mass timber in B.C.’s construction sector by providing designers and builders with first-hand knowledge and experience using these materials..

Supporting mass timber construction brings the province closer to its goal of building a more sustainable, inclusive and innovative economy for people, businesses and communities throughout B.C. 

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/29186