NDP MLA Parmar says investment will make camping better, more accessible in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

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JORDAN RIVER – MLA Ravi Parmar says an investment of over $2.7 million into Juan de Fuca Provincial Park will make camping at China Beach better with more accessible facilities and new drive-in and walk-in camp sites.

In recent years, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park has seen an increase in people hiking and camping in the area, including at the China Beach site. In light of this, BC Parks identified space for 21 new drive-in and 26 new walk-in sites for camping, as well as space for two new accessible shower and flush toilet buildings – the first showers and full toilets at the site.

This investment marks the single largest investment in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. This will mean the park is more accessible for people with disabilities and diverse needs, and will be able to sustainably welcome more campers this year and in years to come.

“Juan de Fuca Provincial Park is one of the most popular parks on Vancouver Island and people from all over come here to enjoy the outdoors and unparalleled views,” said Ravi Parmar, MLA for Langford-Juan de Fuca. “I’m thrilled we are responding to the growing demand for more campsites and more accessible options, which will provide more opportunities for people to get outside and create memories in this beautiful region.”

This comes in addition to the 50 new camping platforms that were added to the park in May 2023. Reservations opened this week for camping, including for many of the now completed new sites at China Beach, with more to be completed soon. Construction for the shower and toilet facilities will begin this fall.