NDP MLA says funding for new playground will mean more fun for kids in Sechelt               

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SECHELT – New Democrat MLA Nicholas Simons says students at Kinnickinnick Elementary will soon be playing on a new accessible playground, thanks to $195,000 in provincial funding.

“All children should be able to play in a well-equipped and safe playground. It’s where they can come together to explore and learn and stay active,” says Nicholas Simons, MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast. “Families and students at Kinnickinnick Elementary can look forward to a new accessible playground with our government’s record funding for schools across B.C.”

This year, New Democrats are investing $5 million in 25 new accessible playgrounds for 25 school districts across the province. Playgrounds are expected to be designed, built and installed in the next year.

Playgrounds help kids stay active outdoors while learning to cooperate, build conflict resolution skills, and overcome challenges. Playing outside reduces anxiety and improves focus, helping kids to learn in the classroom. This funding will reduce parent-led local fundraising that was previously needed to build playgrounds.

Since 2018, the New Democrat government has invested $35 million to fund 256 new playgrounds at schools throughout the province, benefiting more than 63,000 students.

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/28774