NDP MLA Whiteside says families will receive help with costs of school activities and supplies

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NEW WESTMINSTER – New Democrat MLA Jennifer Whiteside says families who are struggling with expenses for school activities will be receiving more support from their school districts.

“As the former Minister of Education, I understand that ensuring every child has access to essential school activities and supplies is crucial for their academic success and overall well-being,” said Jennifer Whiteside, MLA for New Westminster. “This financial support demonstrates our commitment to supporting families in our community.”

The New Westminster School District (40) is receiving $191,000 from the province to help schools provide support directly to families.

Funding will help pay for student necessities, such as school supplies, school fees and class trips, as well as additional costs associated with joining a school sports team or music program.

The support comes from the Student and Family Affordability Fund, which is being replenished with an additional $20 million this spring. More than $60 million has been provided to school districts provided through this program over the past two years.

This is on top of the largest investment in school food programs in the province’s history. The Feeding Futures Fund has dedicated $214 million over three years to create and expand local school food programs.

The New Westminster School District (40) received $826,518 from the province for food programs during this school year.


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