NDP MLAs Dykeman and Mercier say that new funding will help Langley prepare for extreme heat events

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LANGLEY–­ New Democrat MLAs Megan Dykeman and Andrew Mercier say that the new funding will help the Township of Langley prepare for extreme heat events and keep people safe during future emergencies.

“It’s important to provide public spaces where people can go to cool off when temperatures are extreme. This funding for the Township to explore the ‘Langley’s Cool Parks’ project will help make informed decisions on free access to cooler spaces in the community,” said Megan Dykeman, MLA for Langley East

Across B.C., 36 First Nations and local governments are receiving a share of almost $1.9 million in funding to help communities implement projects such as extreme heat risk mapping, risk assessments, extreme heat response plans, and climate adaptation planning.

The Township of Langley will be receiving $30,000 in funding for their project, Langley’s Cool Parks.

“Climate change is here, and our government knows that the extreme heat we have seen over the last few years has serious consequences. That’s why we support local governments in creating and administering initiatives like Langley’s “Cool Parks” project, to help keep people cool and in turn keep them safe when temperatures rise,” said Andrew Mercier, MLA for Langley.

The Community Emergency Preparedness Fund is an important part of the Province’s Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy, and complements the BC Heat Alert and Response System, launched earlier this year. The $189-million fund is administered through the Union of BC Municipalities and supports programs that strengthen the resilience of First Nations, and local governments in responding to and preparing for natural disasters and climate change.

Since 2017, First Nations and local governments have received more than $50.8 million through the CEPF for more than 1,000 projects that help communities mitigate and prepare for disasters and climate-related emergencies.

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