NDP MLAs Pam Alexis and Bob D’Eith say extensive funding will support great projects for people in the City of Mission

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MISSION– New Democrat MLAs Pam Alexis and Bob D’Eith say that an historic investment of nearly $9 million for the City of Mission will enable the community to fund key projectsensuring that people have services they can rely on as populations grow.

“The people of Abbotsford and Mission count on their local governments for the infrastructure that creates vibrant and healthy communities,” says Pam Alexis, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission. “As a former mayor, I know how important it is for municipalities and the province to work together on investing in the future and making sure communities have what they need to thrive.”

As communities continue to grow, local governments are having to meet increased strain on infrastructure and amenities including, roads, transit, water and electrical systems, as well as community centers, parks and social services. The Growing Communities Fund is a landmark investment that will see the BCNDP government distribute $1 billion across B.C.’s 188 municipalities and regional districts to support their unique needs. 

In the City of Mission, City Council is receiving $8,839,000.

“Maple Ridge and Mission are both growing and need the infrastructure and amenities to support a thriving community,” says Bob D’Eith, MLA for Maple Ridge-Mission. “The Growing Communities Fund will support local governments in British Columbia to invest in their communities and their future.”

This one-time fund supports the Union of BC Municipalities’ (UBCM) 2022 Resolution EB58, Improving Provincial Grant Process, and recommendation five of their 2021 report, Ensuring Local Government Financial Resiliency. The grants are intended to complement, rather than displace, existing infrastructure funding (like sewer, water, roads).