NDP MLAs Routledge, Chen, Kang and Chouhan say funding will support tourism and community events like the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

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BURNABY – New Democrat MLAs Janet Routledge, Katrina Chen, Anne Kang and Raj Chouhan say that funding will help ensure local fairs, festivals and events can provide fun and excitement for residents and visitors alike.

“Events like the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival are the heart and soul of our community,” said Janet Routledge, MLA for Burnaby North. “I’m pleased that these events will be able to create lasting memories for years to come.”

“Fairs, festivals and events are a beacon of cultural pride and artistic expression,” said Katrina Chen, MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed. “This support will allow these important events to continue to flourish in Burnaby.”

In Burnaby, 23 events are receiving over $270,000 in funding, including the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival, Harry Jerome Track Classic, Classical Weekend, Burnaby’s Halloween Cultural Experiences, Pat Quinn Classic Tournaments, 2024 Bubble Tea Festival, and more.

“Events like the BC Multicultural Performing Arts Festival are treasured within our community,” said Anne Kang, MLA for Burnaby-Deer Lake. “With this generous assistance, we’re safeguarding the future of events like this despite the challenges of inflation.”

“Burnaby thrives on its vibrant festivals and events, which bring us all together,” said Raj Chouhan, MLA for Burnaby-Edmonds. “This support will help preserve these cherished traditions while fostering unity and resilience.”

Across B.C., $15 million in funding will support 1114 fairs, festivals, and events in 2024 and 2025.

Since 2021, the BC New Democrat government has provided $80 million through the Fairs, Festivals, and Events Fund, helping event organizers to overcome ongoing challenges and ensure fun experiences are available for residents and visitors around the province.

Learn More: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/tourism-immigration/tourism-resources/tourism-funding-programs/fairs-festivals-events-fund#recipients