NDP MLAs say funding will support tourism in Richmond

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RICHMOND – New Democrat MLAs Kelly Greene, Henry Yao and Aman Singh are announcing provincial funding to support projects for building and upkeep of tourism infrastructure across B.C., including in Richmond.

“From supporting local businesses to creating jobs for the community, we know that tourism is especially important in our community,” says Kelly Greene, MLA for Richmond-Steveston. “A strong tourism sector strengthens our community, and that’s why I’m grateful to see our government continue to support attractions like Britannia Shipyards, which educates visitors about the historic roots of our community.”

The City of Richmond is receiving $223,375 for Heritage Boatbuilding at Britannia Shipyards.

“Richmond is a vibrant community that both welcomes and celebrates our diverse culture, interests, and abilities,” says Henry Yao, MLA for Richmond South-Centre. “Our government’s support for the tourism sector means that more people can experience the community and make memories for years to come.”

Today’s investment is a $30 million investment on top of the already $15 million allocated to over tourism infrastructure projects for 2023, to continue our government’s support for a strong, diverse tourism industry throughout B.C.

“Despite the challenges tourism operators have faced in recent years, many are building back better than ever,” says Aman Singh, MLA for Richmond-Queensborough. “I am pleased that our government is supporting their work and investing in a stronger tourism sector that will create jobs and celebrate the diversity of Richmond.”

This funding will help support a more sustainable year-round tourism economy for B.C. that attracts people from all over the globe. The over 90 projects funded provincially are shovel-ready and will be able to hit the ground running thanks to this funding.

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/28635