NDP MLAs say North Vancouver is more prepared thanks to flood mitigation project

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NORTH VANCOUVER – New Democrat MLAs Susie Chant and Bowinn Ma say that people in North Vancouver will be safer during future flooding events thanks to the completion of a flood risk assessment project.

“With a changing climate, every community is susceptible to emergencies like floods, which is why it’s important to take action now,” said Susie Chant, MLA for North Vancouver-Seymour. “Our government is supporting the District of North Vancouver in assessing flood risk along the Seymour River, because we know that the work today changes outcomes for people tomorrow.”

The District of North Vancouver received $125,000 in funding for the Upper Seymour River flood risk assessment project. The project completed a full risk assessment which will help the District plan mitigation measures for floods along the Upper Seymour River and keep people safe.

“Communities in flood-prone areas across the province know the importance of understanding the hazards and being prepared for flooding,” said Bowinn Ma, Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness and MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale. “By partnering with the federal government, we are maximizing funding and supporting communities in their work to become more resilient and better prepared to face damaging floods in the future.”

Across the province, a total of 24 flood mitigation projects have been recently completed to make people and communities safer. The projects were supported by more than $10.8 million in funding, cost-shared by the provincial and federal governments.

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