NDP MLAs say students at Nanoose Bay Elementary benefit from new accessible school playground

NANOOSE BAY – New Democrat MLA Adam Walker says students at Nanoose Bay Elementary are among thousands of students throughout the province who have access to new accessible school playgrounds, to support healthy and active lifestyles for students.

“It’s great to celebrate this new playground at Nanoose Bay Elementary – another space in the community for children to play and families to come together,” said Adam Walker, MLA for Parksville-Qualicum. “Playgrounds give our children the physical exercise they need to stay healthy, along with lots of opportunities to learn to make friends and share with other children.”

Made possible through the Playground Equipment Program (PEP), the $165,000 investment for an accessible playground at Nanoose Bay school is part of the Province’s commitment to update aging infrastructure in B.C. schools, and provide safe, enjoyable and accessible learning environments that set children up for success.

“Playing is essential to everyone’s mental and physical health,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture during a tour of Central Vancouver Island. “Children need accessible, safe and fun places to play on their school grounds and within their communities. This playground investment will provide more opportunities for kids to go outside, be active and have fun.”

In 2019 Bowser Elementary also received a new accessible playground through the Playground Equipment Program. The Nanoose Bay Elementary playground is the second completed in the region since the inception of PEP in 2018.

“Students have an easier time focusing in class when outdoor play is part of their school routine, learning important life skills like co-operation while improving major motor skills,” said Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education. “We’re continuing to invest in accessible playgrounds like the one at Nanoose Bay Elementary to help support students, staff, families and communities, and to take fundraising burden off parents so they can spend more time playing with their children.”

Playgrounds help promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles, encouraging children to share, develop conflict resolution skills, and overcome challenges, so they can  learn more effectively in the classroom. In addition, playing outside is proven to reduce anxiety in children, improve focus and enhance students’ attention spans.

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