NDP MLAs say supports for vulnerable people will help tackle homelessness in Burnaby

BURNABY– New Democrat MLAs Janet Routledge, Katrina Chen, Anne Kang and Raj Chouhan say vulnerable people in Burnaby will have greater access to local services which will help tackle homelessness as the community recovers from the impacts of the pandemic.

“The pandemic has created more challenges for people who are experiencing homelessness or trying to escape a violent situation,” said Janet Routledge, MLA for Burnaby-North. “This funding will support on-the-ground programs that will have an immediate impact here in Burnaby and help people connect with the services they need.”

Burnaby is receiving $1,233,375 in joint provincial and federal funding for actions to support people experiencing homelessness and women and children fleeing violence. The project will focus on a Homeless Hub drop-in centre, a safe and stigma-free space for unsheltered people to go during the day to access services, programming, and opportunities for social connections. Other actions will include cooling stations during extreme heat events, a shower program, and a Housing Support Worker for women and children fleeing violence.

The MLAs say this investment is part of the Strengthening Communities Program which is providing support to 48 communities across B.C. Over $76 million will support local governments to combat the impacts of homelessness and keep their communities safe and healthy as they recover from the pandemic.

John Horgan and the BC New Democrat government are providing the support people need to build a recovery that leaves no one behind.

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/25133


Katrina Chen, MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed

“For women and children who are leaving a violent situation, having a housing support worker who will take the time to listen, understand their needs, and help them plan their next steps will make a world of difference. This will help keep families in Burnaby safer.”

Anne Kang, MLA for Burnaby-Deer Lake

“The Homeless Hub drop-in centre will give people experiencing homelessness a much-needed space to rest during the day, while finding information about supports and services and making social connections that are important for their physical and mental wellbeing.”

Raj Chouhan, MLA for Burnaby-Edmonds

“Everyone deserves a safe place to clean up and take shelter from the heat, especially as extreme weather events increase. The shower program and cooling stations will help people who are experiencing homelessness to stay healthy and maintain dignity while they access supports.”