New Democrat leader Adrian Dix makes critic assignment changes

VANCOUVER – B.C. New Democrat leader Adrian Dix announced changes to critic assignments Wednesday, saying his team will continue to work hard to earn the trust of British Columbians and offer a positive alternative to the B.C. Liberals.

“Our team has been performing very well, holding the Liberals to account and making the case for positive change in B.C.,” said Dix. “With Gwen O’Mahony and Joe Trasolini now bringing new perspectives and experience to our caucus, I wanted to make some changes to our critic line-up that will give them roles in making the case for change.

“Joe Trasolini will take on housing, construction and business investment, which includes a key role – given his business background – in our dialogue with the business community on growing investment in the province.

“Gwen O’Mahony campaigned on skills training in the Chilliwack-Hope by-election, and this issue will be a key element in our approach to the economy.”

Most members of the caucus will see no change to their roles.

The MLAs with new roles are: Shane Simpson who becomes labour critic; Raj Chouhan who takes on multiculturalism, immigration and human rights; Doug Donaldson who becomes mining critic; Maurine Karagianis, who will handle the Liquor Distribution Branch; Spencer Chandra Herbert, who adds the B.C. Lottery Corporation and Gaming to his responsibilities; Mable Elmore, who will be responsible for ICBC and serve as deputy critic for finance; Doug Routley, who adds the role of deputy health critic; and Sue Hammell, who becomes critic for women’s issues, child care and early learning.

“Maurine Karagianis will build on the work of Shane Simpson, working with him as a team, as we continue making the case against the sale of the Liquor Distribution Branch,” said Dix. “The Liberals have failed to answer key questions about this ill-advised move, which makes no sense at all.”

“British Columbians want a government that is focused on addressing the very real challenges they face. They simply aren’t getting that from the Liberals, who seem more preoccupied with commissioning and focus testing the next personal attack than with governing.

“We are committed to offering positive solutions and an approach to politics that will re-engage the 1.7 million eligible voters who did not vote in the last election.”