New Democrat MLA Henry Yao Introduces Lunar New Year Act to Celebrate Cultural Diversity

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VICTORIA – New Democrat MLA Henry Yao says the introduction of his Lunar New Year Act will help take a significant step towards recognizing and celebrating the cultural richness of the province’s diverse communities.

The proposed legislation brought forward on Wednesday by Yao, MLA for Richmond South Centre, aims to officially acknowledge and commemorate the Lunar New Year in the province of British Columbia.

“Our province is home to a mosaic of cultures, and the introduction of the Lunar New Year Act is a testament to our commitment to fostering inclusivity and acknowledging the vibrant cultures that shape the identity of our province,” says Henry Yao, MLA for Richmond South Centre. “This legislation is a step towards recognizing the cultural heritage of our Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and other communities who have played a crucial role in the development and prosperity of British Columbia.”

The Lunar New Year celebration is a time-honoured tradition for many communities, symbolizing renewal, unity and the welcoming of prosperity. The significance of Lunar New Year extends beyond its cultural and traditional aspects, fostering a sense of community, unity and hope for the coming year.

By introducing this legislation, the province seeks to promote a sense of belonging and cultural understanding among all British Columbians.

A copy of the Bill can be found here.