New Democrat statement on new disturbing details in B.C. Liberal “Quick Wins” hearing today

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VANCOUVER – New Democrat MLA Ravi Kahlon (Delta North) issued the following statement regarding new disturbing details surfacing from today’s B.C. Liberal Quick Wins sentencing hearing:

“In court today, we heard new and disturbing details about how the B.C. Liberal government systematically abused people’s public dollars for their own benefit. We learned how deep and high up the scandal went, in both the B.C. Liberal government and B.C. Liberal Party.

“We heard for the first time in court today that the premier personally had briefings and updates on the scandalous Quick Wins program. We learned that even after the scandal was made public, the B.C. Liberals didn’t stop, and that components of the plan continued in hopes of influencing the election outcome for the B.C. Liberals. We also heard that at that same time, sitting B.C. Liberal MLAs were not cooperating with the investigation.

“It shows something rotten at the heart of the B.C. Liberals, where they put themselves ahead of British Columbians time and time again.

“I’ll have more to say when the hearing concludes.”