New Democrats demand justice minister implement recommendation from Dyble report

VICTORIA – New Democrat attorney general critic Leonard Krog has asked Justice Minister Shirley Bond what she is doing to secure information that may have been transferred to the B.C. Liberal Party as recommended in Thursday’s report into the latest Liberal scandal.

The premier’s deputy minister, John Dyble, released a scathing report into the leaked multicultural outreach strategy that was driven by the premier’s office. The strategy outlined a plan to direct taxpayer-funded government resources to support the B.C. Liberal Party’s re-election efforts.

“Mr. Dyble’s review, though limited in scope, was pretty damning of the Liberal government,” said Krog. “And it painted a picture of Liberal government employees transferring information to private email addresses, potentially for use by the B.C. Liberal Party.

“Mr. Dyble recommended clearly that the Legal Services Branch secure that information and make sure it has not been used inappropriately,” said Krog. “British Columbians who are worried about the possible breach of their privacy are looking for some assurance that the justice ministry would take that recommendation seriously and act immediately.”

Krog said that other questions outside of Mr. Dyble’s purview may also draw the attention of the justice ministry.

“Mr. Dyble’s review was really only the tip of the iceberg,” said Krog. “A deeper, more thorough and independent investigation is needed to get to the bottom of this scandal.”

The B.C. Liberals have shown they are more interested in campaigning than governing, and they are not up to the challenges facing British Columbia today. B.C.’s New Democrats are offering change for the better, one practical step at a time.

A copy of Krog’s letter to the Attorney General is letter_krog-bond_march_15.