New Democrats to introduce democratic reform legislation and commitment on proportional representation

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ballot_no-change_democratic-reformVICTORIA – New Democrats will introduce several pieces of legislation this session that would help make government in B.C. more democratic, open and accountable, and will let British Columbians decide if they want to move to a system of proportional representation in provincial elections.

“These proposed laws would help make elections fairer and, once the ballots are counted, ensure legislators do a better job for the public, make government more accountable and give citizens more power,” said New Democrat spokesperson for democratic reform Gary Holman. “More and more, people are becoming disillusioned with governments at all levels, and elected officials must do what they can to reverse that trend.”

Holman also said that if elected in 2017, New Democrats will give British Columbians a vote to decide if they want a proportional representation system in place for the 2021 provincial election. Further, a New Democrat government would not only consult British Columbians on the specific proportional reform to be put to a vote, but would campaign strongly in favour of that reform.

“New Democrats are serious about democratic reform for B.C.,” said Holman. “Only 24 per cent of eligible voters in B.C. cast ballots for the governing party. Despite being supported by a minority of voters, this government has 100 per cent of the power.”

Holman said the legislative clerk’s office has been informed of the 12 pieces of legislation which will be introduced over the next several weeks.

As New Democrat spokesperson for democratic reform, Holman has already started a series of public meetings to get feedback on these proposals.