New Democrats present response to Liberals’ bogus budget

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VICTORIA – New Democrat finance critic Mike Farnworth presented a response to the June budget update and the Liberal government’s ongoing fiscal mismanagement in the B.C. legislature Tuesday.

“Premier Christy Clark and the Liberals say one thing, but do another,” said Farnworth.

“They launched a jobs plan and called it a success when the truth is it has failed. They campaigned on a debt-free B.C. slogan while debt grew at a record-breaking pace. They said they would protect services when the truth is they plan to cut more services and raise fees like Christy Clark’s wheelchair tax,” said Farnworth.

During his presentation, Farnworth pointed out a number of deteriorating economic indicators that show the Liberals are on the wrong track, including the facts that since Sept. 2011, B.C. has lost 31,300 private-sector jobs and has seen 10,388 more people leave for other provinces.

“To cap it off, the provincial debt is rising faster under Christy Clark than under any other premier before her,” said Farnworth. “From the first time this bogus budget was tabled until now, the debt has climbed more than $111 million.”

The slide presentation Farnworth delivered in the legislature can be viewed here.