New Democrats welcome franchisee protection act

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jane_speechVICTORIANew Democrats welcome legislation introduced this week that will protect small business owners. The government’s legislation mirrors a private member’s bill put forward by New Democrats in May.

“While it would have been easier and faster for the Liberals to simply support the legislation New Democrats brought forward in May, we’re still happy to see these important supports for franchisees,” said New Democrat small business spokesperson Jane Shin.

The new legislation provides important legal rights to small business owners who operate or are planning to operate a franchise business in British Columbia. It is very similar to the franchise legislation that New Democrats Carole James and Adrian Dix had brought forward.

“Small business owners spoke up about their struggles in May when we introduced the Franchise Act, yet the B.C. Liberals dragged their feet to take any form of action,” said Shin. “It was a shame to see that playing politics was more important to the Liberals than giving small businesses the supports and security that they were desperately seeking.”

Small business owners were left vulnerable for months to unfair contract agreements with their franchisors despite their numerous pleas to the B.C. Liberals to take action and the advocacy efforts on their behalf from the New Democrats.

“Even though the B.C. Liberals wasted time playing politics, small business entrepreneurs will now be protected, and that’s what’s important,” said Shin. “My colleagues and I are proud to have been a driving force of these necessary protections for small businesses and are glad to see that they will now be at a level playing field with their franchisors ensuring fairness for all parties.”