No end in sight for ferry fare increases

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bc_ferry_smallVICTORIA – Families living on the coast will continue to pay more and get less when it comes to B.C. Ferries, says New Democrat transportation spokesperson Claire Trevena.

“B.C. families living on our coast have watched life become much more expensive under the B.C. Liberals, from skyrocketing Hydro rates and MSP premiums to huge increases in ferry fares,” said Trevena. “Families are already feeling squeezed, but the B.C. Ferries commissioner confirmed Wednesday ferry fares will continue to rise year after year.”

Trevena noted that while the commissioner suggested a cap of 1.9 per cent, this is only an average and could be much higher on some routes.

This week, the government also announced their 10-year transportation plan, with barely a word about improving our ferry system.

“The B.C. Liberals talk about investments in bridges, highways and road infrastructure, but completely ignore that ferries are an integral part of our transportation infrastructure,” said Trevena.

“Our ferry system is broken, and coastal communities have had to pay the price,” said Trevena. “Service cuts and high fares have led to an unprecedented decline in ridership which has had a significant impact on coastal economies.”