Premier Horgan’s Letter to MLA Bob D’Eith | Standing up for families frustrated by cellphone bills

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November 19, 2019

Bob D’Eith, MLA
Maple Ridge – Mission
102 – 23015 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge BC V2X 3K9

Dear Mr. D’Eith:

I would like to thank you for the work you have done to date to fulfill the commitment our government made to improve cell phone billing transparency for British Columbians, beginning with a consultation and legislative review.

You were asked last spring to help with an engagement process to gather the views of British Columbians, stakeholder groups and telecommunications companies on a variety of cell phone topics.  In addition to government launching an online public survey you met with key stakeholder and industry groups.  The results of the engagement process revealed a concerning number of consumer issues with cell phone contracts and bills.  Next steps will include analyzing these results and considering options to help consumers overcome these issues, including any potential enhancements to BC’s consumer protection law.

As Premier, I appoint you as the federal lead on telecommunications and direct you to represent British Columbians in future discussions at the federal level to encourage the provision of more affordable cell phone options and to raise awareness of any other relevant cell phone-related issues that impact BC consumers. During the federal election campaign, most major parties made commitments to improve the quality and affordability of cell phone services in Canada. Now is the time to engage with federal partners, build consensus, and find solutions that will improve the lives of British Columbians and all Canadians.

I expect you to make progress on these key actions:

  • Advocating on British Columbians’ behalf for improvements in the federally regulated telecommunications sector, notably greater affordability and choice in wireless services;
  • Advancing key issues raised by British Columbians and stakeholders to the appropriate federal authorities;
  • Pursuing any other advocacy measures that would help to achieve the goals of improving cell phone affordability and billing transparency; and
  • Leading additional engagement, as needed, with the public, stakeholder and industry groups.

Please continue to work with the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General and his staff on this important government commitment for BC consumers.

I look forward to hearing about the results of your work in the months ahead.


John Horgan

(Please see below for a photo of the letter.)