Premier John Horgan addresses long-term care challenges left by BC Liberals

While speaking with reporters today, Premier John Horgan addressed problems with long-term seniors care left behind by the BC Liberals:

“When we were sworn in as a government, the Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, had just issued a report that showed that the vast majority – I think it was 86 per cent of long-term care facilities were not meeting the provincial standard for hours of care per resident.”

“And that was the result of many, many years of neglect and underfunding and trying to squeeze more people into places they could not fit, and not adequately building new infrastructure so that we could have state of the art facilities so that our health care workers could provide the care that seniors so desperately needed.”

“We were on the right track leading into this. We’ve got more learnings now, and we’ll be better going forward.”

Video of the Premier’s comments is available here.

A recent CTV story highlighted many of the problems caused by BC Liberal changes to long-term seniors care.