The public being kept in the dark about looming ICBC increases until after the election

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carsVICTORIA— The Christy Clark government, through ICBC, won’t tell drivers how much their insurance premiums will have to increase until after the election, say New Democrats.

“The public should know the impact of B.C. Liberal incompetence before the election,” said Adrian Dix, New Democrat spokesperson for ICBC.

“Christy Clark says that this has nothing to do with her, that this is just a dispute between ICBC and the independent regulator, the B.C. Utilities Commission, but it has everything to do with her. She and her government raided ICBC’s money that was supposed to go to pay claims. They took the money and drivers will pay the price. Christy Clark wasn’t observing an accident, she was driving the car.

“It is the B.C. Liberal-appointed ICBC executives who are defending B.C. Liberal policies and who are attempting to block the public from getting access to ICBC’s financial information.”

ICBC representatives have argued that it is not in the public’s interest to know the financial projections for the next four years, but the B.C. Utilities Commission doesn’t agree and has given them only until tomorrow to answer.

“We own ICBC, and we’re also the customers,” said Dix. “Voters have the right to know the truth about their government’s mismanagement before the election. The public deserves the truth.”