Reality Check: B.C. Liberal $1 billion ICBC mess is 9000 per cent worse than what they claimed

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VICTORIA – The B.C. Liberal’s ICBC deficit is nearly $1 billion – dramatically higher than the $11 million they falsely told people before the election. Even worse, British Columbians are getting stuck with the bill after the B.C. Liberals raided ICBC coffers to pad their own budgets.

Attorney General David Eby revealed Wednesday that the B.C. Liberal’s pre-election claim of a minor $11 million deficit for ICBC was actually closer to a staggering and massive $1 billion loss.

The B.C. Liberal pre-election claim misrepresented the truth by 9000 per cent.

Over several years, the B.C. Liberals also drained $1.2 billion from ICBC coffers in order to pad their own annual budgets.

Then as the election approached, the B.C. Liberals downplayed and hid the truth from voters, claiming things were under control and that they would keep rates low.

In fact, then transportation minister and current B.C. Liberal leadership candidate Todd Stone told people a whopper before the 2017 election, saying, “It has been very clear that we are going to keep rates as affordable as possible.”

But the only thing that’s clear is that this B.C. Liberal ICBC election deception is looking exactly like their 2013 election hydro deception – when they told people hydro rates might not go up, but then announced a massive hydro rate hike as soon as the ballots were counted.

Todd Stone and the B.C. Liberals should tell British Columbians why they deliberately hid the truth. Was it because they had no plan for how to deal with their mess, because they knew it would hurt their election chances if people knew the truth, or both?